N7 Draft Tea + Coffee Passes the Test

Those involved in Bay Area foodie culture are sure to be familiar with N7 Draft Tea + Coffee. Unable to commute to the Silver Creek location due to my lack of a driver’s license and parents who are unwilling to drive 36 minutes for boba, I was elated to see a “N7: Coming Soon!” sign plastered on the window of the building that used to be a below-average shaved ice shop in Strawberry Park Shopping Center near my school.

I returned a couple of weeks later with my mom, who shares in…

This show is so bad, but Darren Chen is so cute.

Isn’t Darren Chen absolutely gorgeous. His hair looks like a cloud. Fig. 1. Still from Wang Xiao Hui, See “My Unicorn Girl” (31:43).

Puck to the chest. Puck to the forehead. Puck to the shoulder. The dramatic montage of Sang Tian and Wen Bing’s 100-puck-blocking punishment in the third episode is the perfect summary of “My Unicorn Girl.” The name of this Chinese drama is so cringe-worthy that I have difficulty even including the title in my article, but it perfectly foreshadows the content of the show.

This drama is merely a series of repressed memories. To write this review, I had to delve into my unconscious to recover them, an act…

Lauren Vu

Take a look into my psyche; made up exclusively of TV shows and Asian food.

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